Career Development and Education Programs in the United Arab Emirates

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Career development and education programs in the United Arab Emirates Abstract The United Arab Emirates is a conflicting country, with high income per capita, yet low prepared staff members. The state as such employs large numbers of foreign workers, and continues to diversify its economy. It needs to better train its domestic staffs and this measure is now approached in a theoretical manner through the lenses of the human resource management system project, employee training, labor force import and technologic integration in HRM. 1. Introduction The United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest growing countries, with a high income per capita $48,800, comparable to the American income per capita of $49,000 (Central Intelligence Agency, 2012). Historically, the UAE had been a poor and underdeveloped region, due to its geographic placement in the desert. About three decades ago however, the country discovered and began to exploit its oil reserves. Since then, the economic stability of the nation increased. Problems that were encountered along the way included the heavy reliance on oil revenues, since these generated the highest contributions to the gross domestic product. The focus of the government officials then fell on the diversification of the economy. This objective has been attained through the opening of the country to international trade and partnerships (including free trade agreements), but also through privatizations and the welcoming of foreign

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