Career Employability : An Outdated Promise

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In today’s digital world, many organizations are changing the way they develop, mold, and appoint their employees. Lifetime employment is an outdated promise. It may have been there for quite some time, but it’s not there for us. Lifetime employability is a new idea that most organizations try to adapt. To retain one of their assets most organizations use numerous tools for employees to develop their core competencies and skills. Development can take several different paths. Development can happen by taking on greater challenges or larger scope within current role, for example becoming more of a leadership expert. This is the key in our fast paced management driven industry. This paper briefly state the term employability, how to get lifetime employability with my current work, and understanding the key factors to become more effective in the organizations. Based on my research, companies throughout the country are examining employees’ need for lifetime employability and continuous development of skills. After years of downsizing, rightsizing, reengineering, and restructuring, employers and employees are coming to terms with each other in new and complex ways, leading to what some call the new employment pact (Bencivenga, 1997). For example, in my current job after acquiring one of the biggest medical devices in the world called Covidien, tremendous changes happen within my workplace. Medtronic recently introduced career development for all, the framework for all employees

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