Career Episode : An Intern

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a) Introduction

1.1. In this career episode, I have described the activities from 1st June 2010 to 25th June 2010, the period during which I worked as an Intern for TIDC India, Andhra Pradesh. I was a full time Intern for the above mentioned period, completing the internship as part of the course work for ‘Industry Oriented Mini Project,’ during my degree ‘Bachelor of Technology – Mechanical Engineering.’

b) Background

1.2. In the final year of my bachelor’s degree, as part of a course called ‘Industry Oriented Mini Project,’ I had to complete a short term project in a company relevant to my field of study and I was fortunate to get an opportunity to work with TIDC India, as an Intern under the supervision of the Production Manager.

1.3. TIDC India is one of India’s leading manufacturers of power transmission chains for industrial, automotive and agricultural segment and is part of the INR 269 Billion Murugappa Group. The company made its entry into Fine Banking in line with its vision of becoming a leader in power transmission components and is now a major supplier of FB components to the automotive industry.

1.4. Low carbon steel is one of the most commonly used steels in the manufacturing of power transmission chains, because its price is relatively low and it provides acceptable material properties for many applications. Its low carbon content (0.05-0.15%) makes it malleable and ductile. Although it is relatively lower in tensile strength, its
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