Career Episode of Electrical Engineer Essay

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Career Episode


In my first career episode I describe my last projects with Uhde ThyssenKrupp. I have been working with Uhde since November 18, 2006 until March 12, 2008. There are two distinct periods: one in Saudi Arabia where I've worked as Process Engineer - Commissioning

Supervisor for Safco 4 Project (period of November 18, 2006 - June 15, 2007) and the second period as Process Engineer - Consultant in Head Quarter office, Dortmund - Germany (period of August 7, 2007 - March 12, 2008).

Saudi Arabia SAFCO 4 Project (SABIC Company) Jubail City.

As Commissioning Supervisor for Ammonia Plant in SAFCO 4 I was responsible for plant preparation for "Sustaining Load Test" and "Performance Test" of 3300 mtpd of the

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One of the tasks was to improve the absorption system. In this respect during the plant

running I was conducting a series of tests and experiments, changing the MDEA solution composition, flow and temperatures and collecting data for future simulation. Then after, I used process simulation softwares like Aspen and Pro II in order to find a solution for increasing the efficiency of the CO2 removal system. I prepared a complete report with all my conclusions sustained by collected data, trends, simulations and observations, and then I sent it to the design department in Dortmund and to BASF licensor of the CO2 removal system. After a series of meetings between the Client -

SAFCO - Sabic, Uhde, and BASF a decision regarding future modification was made. During the final Turn Around shut-down, my task was supervising of the final works and modifications inside the CO2 removal system. I inspected the main absorber, flash drums, and stripper, checked signs of corrosion, preferential flow circulation, internal packing rings layer distribution. I supervised and controlled the final works regarding the installation of a new gas

distributor inside the absorber in order to improve CO2 absorption. The new design for the gas distributor was a result of my conclusions regarding the efficiency of the absorber column. It was done by Uhde design department together with BASF, based on the field data sent by me. Today, due to this modification the
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