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During the beginning of the second semester, Mrs. Bridges had assigned each of her classes a proposition which would include working with the environment along with giving the opportunity to learn a new skill. Requirements for the assignment included: thirty hours of work, a minimum of six photos, along with an essay describing what all occurred during the past three months.
The work I completed didn’t go along much with what I chose as my two career choices which was a downside of all the work that was fulfilled between February and May. After graduating from Oak Grove in 2020, I plan to attend a two-year community college for becoming an R.N. An R.N is abbreviated for Registered Nurse, but what does one do? Well, this type of nurse helps
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Equine judging is when you judge the conformation (how the horse is built) of a certain breed, including performance classes. Performance classes are basically where you learn multiple patterns for a certain class while taking notes based off how the rider and horse perform as a team. On April 22nd, both teams competed in the N.C State Horse Judging at St. Andrews equestrian center. Everyone was split up into groups (four groups total); up until 3:30pm we observed each class thoroughly in order to place whom described how the breed and gender should appear. Between the days I wasn’t busy helping coach Arcadia volleyball, volunteering at Silverlin, or having equine judging, I would mow Kayla Brewer’s lawn since my sister doesn’t seem to know how to properly mow a yard. Whenever she mow’s, there would be uneven lines while leaving some places untouched.
I also helped McKenna Hartman restore her old family barn after it was left in havoc from her distant cousins. We would wake up at 7:00am, beginning work around 8:30am; we began just by clearing the aisle, tack room, stalls, as well as hayloft. When most of the junk was drugged out, we proceeded to work on the stalls; most stalls had approximately around 1-2.8 ft of manure, shavings, along with hay. Did you know that repairing a fence with a ten year old isn’t that easy? We were forced to tear some fencing down while tightening other sections along with re-nailing the
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