Career Exploration Plan Worksheet Essay

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UNIV/100 Career Exploration Plan Worksheet For this assignment, you will research the website and use the My Career Plan tools on eCampus. To complete this assignment, follow the directions provided in each section. You may refer to the completed example in the Week 3 Materials as a guideline. When you complete each section, submit this document to your Week 3 Assignment 1 link on your student website. Save this document so you can reference it as you work on building your career plan in your future University of Phoenix courses. Section 1: Career Research 1. Go to and browse the available degrees, then complete the following table. 2. List the degree programs you are…show more content…
3. Complete the following table after viewing your results. You may describe each career in your own words or copy and paste from the My Career Plan results. My top career interests | Description | Matching careers | 1 Realistic | Frequently involve work activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solution. | Construction, Transportation, installation, Protection Services | 2 Conventional | Frequently involve following set procedures and routines. Usually include working with data and details more than with ideas. | Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenace. | 3 Enterprising | Frequently involve starting up and carrying out projects. Involves leading people and making many decisions | Management. | What did you learn from completing the Career Interests Profiler? I did not see too many of the career choices that I want from the result of my career plan but I do see why it has suggested these career choices. Yes, I do like a hands-on jobs but more into computers than just tools. I also want to manage a project and lead other peoples in my project and create something unique and different. I am not too sure about my leadership yet but I do like discussing problems, solving problems, and coming out with a solution. | Section 3: Job Market Research 1. Click Phoenix Career Services under the Library tab on the student website and then click the Explore icon. 2. Click the Job
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