Career Exploration Research Paper

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Our Senior year is rapidly approaching and sooner or later all of us will have to make an important decision. If we will be going to college, where we will be going to college, and most importantly: what our major will be. Thankfully during our U.S. Literature class we are taking a career unit to better understand ourselves, our interests, and future careers we would like to investigate deeper. I, Riley Thomas Whitcomb, come from a working class family of four from the small town of New Prague, Minnesota. I strongly believe in a hard work ethic. The feeling you get when you have give everything you have to accomplished one of your goals is indescribable. This is why my highest scored category(at 30) on the MCIS Work Importance Locator was Achievment. If you…show more content…
It just so happens that my three highest categories on the MCIS Occupation Sorts were physical activity, problem solving, and working with the public. As a kid I had a high interest in sports. I was always watching a soccer game in my free time or juggling the ball for hours outside in the back yard. As a result of these career exploration assessments there are a few careers I would like to further explore and investigate. My first and foremost career is a professional soccer player. Being able to play soccer as your job and entertain people at the same time would be a dream come true. My second career I am interested in would be a police officer. During career day at NPHS I got the opportunity to listen to Officer Madigan speak about his job which made me want to learn even more about it. Both of these jobs would pay me over the $43,425 I would need a year according to the Reality Check assessment on MCIS. Through these assessments taken during my U.S. Literature class I have gotten the opportunity to better understand myself, my interests, and further careers I would like to further
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