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Literature is very important from the start of your life time all the way to the end of your life time. You use literature in all career fields the career field I will use it in is CSI law enforcement. Also literacy is important to everyone I will explain how later.
The career field I want to be in when I grow up is Law Enforcement. In this career field writing (Literature) is very important and used everyday. When you write reports every scene you go to than literature is important. Also in law enforcement if we don't write reports it can come back and bite you. Here let me explain how all this ties in with this scenario.
So if I were to pull up to a crash scene I'm going to want to take a lot of notes like who was involved, what happened, when ,where, and how it happened. There's a lot of evidence you have to find and write down to also. But we don't just write reports we also have to take photos and draw a sketch of crime scene. Honestly the main part is writing a report though it's so important. It's so important because when you get court you might not have remembered what happened but if you wrote a report then you know.
In this next scenario the crime happened inside a house a drug bust for instance. To probably investigate this crime you will measure and take photos after you do all that you get to the key part
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When you are a cop you have to explain where you are at who the victim is all at the moment to an operator. Which all that is recorded for your safety and others if you fail to use communication skills you could get in trouble and be unsafe. Now communication skills are not just good for this career field they are good for all. If you have excellent communication skills you are pretty much going to be the best because you are a good listener and tasker also. Its pretty hard to get a job nowadays without good communication skills which ties in with
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