Career Field Of Information Technology

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In the career field of information technology, professional writing skills and abilities are an asset to becoming a successful employee. Some specific writing skills needed are grammar, spelling, and structure. When it comes to writing, both professionals who work in the field and career guidebooks suggest that if a person is interested in this career path, he or she should be able to have clear communication skills. Writing in this career is about communicating with the employees, and the manager of the company. The manager and Co-workers will read maintenance logs and step by step instructions, writing those documents in a professional manner, shows the skill the employee has. Without being able to clearly communicate, work to others, and employee’s skills will not benefit the company. Although writing is not the most important aspect of the job, it is a required skill. To succeed and advance in this career field, the first specific writing skill one must develop is spelling. Readers will not be able to comprehend documents, if words are not spelled the correct way. In order to become proficient in this skill, one must take the time to read, whether it be books, articles, or a script. Bombards the mind with new words and lingo, on a daily basis, increase the retention of how to properly spell and use a said word. Another specific skill is grammar, and this can be developed by revising papers and fixing those constant grammatical errors. Doing so, hardwires the brain
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