Career Field Report : Music Education

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Career Field Report: Music Education
Since I was a kid, I have been surrounded by music and have therefore always had an interest in it. I have never been one of those people who have their hearts set on a particular career, but I think a music education career would be able to accommodate most of my personal criteria. The starting wage for a music educator depends on the level of music being taught. At a high school level, the average pay is $56,310 while a postsecondary level is around $70,790 a year (United States). The schedule of my job is very important to me, and I have always wanted a career with my summers free so I can continue to commercial fish in Alaska. I have grown up fishing commercially my whole life, and I know that is something I want to continue doing. A school in a town located close to the mountains would be ideal. Benefits such as retirement vary from state to state and would therefore play a factor in where I would want to be located. Job security would depend on how well I performed as a teacher, and because I have a passion for music, I do not think it would be a problem.
The role of a music teacher would require many things. First, you must be proficient in your instrument of choice. To be able to teach anything well, you have to first know what you 're teaching inside and out. Not only do you have to attain high levels
Brown 2 of performance and proficiency in your chosen instrument, but you also must have a well developed understanding of
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