Career Goals And Knowledge Of Field And Program Essay

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Section 1 – Career Goals / Knowledge of Field and Program 1. As an individual I have always been appreciative of front line responders and their willingness to step in and assist individuals in a time of need. Witnessing this has inspired me to pursue a career in law enforcement and criminal justice. My ultimate goal after completing the Correctional Services Program is to apply to police agencies, and correctional institutions. 2. After multiple hours of research in the Correctional Services Program at Grant MacEwan the thing that interests me most in this program is that opens up doors to other careers in criminal justice. My goal is to become a police officer, but I am open to the opportunities which this program has to offer. Taking this course will provide me with the extensive knowledge needed to work in the law enforcement industry. I spent multiple hours reading the MacEwan University website with all the details and requirements to gain entry in to the Correctional Services program. Further, while researching this program I came upon a student testimonial on YouTube. There was a young female named Samantha who was very encouraging about the program. I also researched the program on ALIS where I learnt what the approximate wages are in the corrections industry. Lastly, when researching I came upon “About the Correctional Services Diploma” written by Kevin Hood. Here, I learnt that MacEwan has a seamless transfer agreement which allows students to apply directly

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