Career Goals For Registered Nurses

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Outlining Your Career Goals Registered nurses work alongside physicians providing patient care in a variety of ways. A few examples of what nurses are responsible for include: administering medications, tracking patient’s vital signs, helping to diagnose and properly treat patient aliments and educating the patient and their family on their condition and the course of treatment. Depending on what area of medicine a nurse works in will determine more generalized and specific duties and responsibilities. There are many different areas a nurse may work in. Some areas include: obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, emergency room, and many more. Nurses can work in a variety of settings, these can include: hospitals, urgent cares, doctors office, nursing homes and home health. Someone wishing to become a nurse must obtain a degree or diploma from an accredited nursing school. Once they have completed their educational requirements, they are then able to sit for the nursing licensure exam. After completing nursing school you must sit for this test to become licensed, graduating from nursing school does not automatically make you a registered nurse. There are three paths that someone can take in order to fulfill their education requirements. The three paths are a diploma in nursing, an associates degree in nursing or a bachelors degree in nursing, after which you can then sit for your licensing test. Nurses who have their bachelors degree with be offered a more competitive
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