Career: Identity Moratorium Of Social Work

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1. Vocational (career)
a. Identity Moratorium
i. I am very passionate about Social Work; however, I am not exactly sure what field I want to go into, so this is the portion that would be considered vaguely defined.
2. Political
a. Identity foreclosure
i. I am democratic, like my parents, but I have not attempted to learn information about the other parties to determine whether another is more compatible with my beliefs.
3. Religion
a. Identity diffusion
i. I do not have a commitment to any specific religion. I have my own personal religious beliefs, but I do not fit into specific category and do not feel like I need to decide on one.
4. Relationship
a. Identity achievement
i. I am currently in a four-year relationship and I am very committed to it. I have had other multiple serious relationships; however, they did not work out. This one is the most successful and is headed down a great path.
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a. Identity achievement
i. I have undergone a few distractions along the way, but I did not let it deter me and I am motivated to get my degree.
6. Sexual
a. Identity foreclosure
i. I have made a commitment about my sexuality, however I have not experienced a crisis either.
7. Gender
a. Identity foreclosure
i. I feel as if I am very comfortable in my body and committed to being a woman, but I also have never though about or tried to do anything other than that.
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