Career In Radiology

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The department that I am shadowing is the radiology, or imaging services, department where all x-rays, CT scans, MRI, and GI scans are taken and processed. There are many programs that one can take to become educated in this field, one of the bigger more heard of programs in Missouri is at St. Louis community college. This is a 73-75 credit hour program that takes three years to complete. The total cost for a Missouri resident is 7,616 dollars, about 101 dollars per credit hour, the cost goes up for students out of state and even higher for those out of country. The first two years are basic classes at the college while the third year is clinical practicing at a hospital to apply newly learns skill. For the admissions requirement: a student…show more content…
As for salary for a radiology tech you start at around 40,000 dollars annually, after 10 years you can get up to 66,000 dollars annually. The schooling might seem a little expensive for the layout, but there are some ways to offset the costs. One is through scholarships like the Jerman-Cahoon student scholarship which awards five students 2500 dollars for perusing radiology. All one has to due to apply is be enrolled in a radiology program, have completed a FASFA form, have a 3.7 or higher GPA, and write a essay about why you should receive it, the deadline is by November 21 every year. That was the only scholarship I could find for students specific to radiology techs. Many schools, though, also offer financial aid that many students(68-94%) can qualify for to get anywhere from 2000-10000 dollars off annually. There are also organization one can join after getting a job, like the ASRT or American society for radiology technicians. They form support groups for techs who need it, as well as help regulate job growth and make sure that the standards assigned by the national health organization are being followed. Other information can only be obtained by applying for acceptance. School may be expensive, job finding may take time, and sometimes it will just be hard, but there are differently some pluses for working in
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