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My career interest is to become a successful cardiothoracic surgeon. In order to achieve this objective, I must have not only have the appropriate work ethic, but also develop interpersonal skills & have a good academic standing. My proposed program of study is biological sciences. Biology interests me the most because it helps me make sense of the world and in my opinion, biological research is most valuable for human advancement and wellbeing. Education for me is an opportunity to gain knowledge, and I believe that excelling in all subjects will help me be successful in my future career. My definition of successful is changing the way something is done for the greater good of humanity. The combination of skills from different subjects will help me succeed in my career because I can combine the different ideas to come up with new solutions, not being limited to just one subject such as biology. As for grades, I believe in studying what I enjoy because academic success follows along with my interest for the subjects. I aim to continue my diverse course selection in University as my program allows for many electives. My personal interests include reading research journals and conducting…show more content…
I have had the opportunity to start volunteer groups and fundraisers, be put in charge for election responsibilities, lead events, and so on. This experience has helped me realize that I can create the change I want to see. As simple as this may sound, the idea is very big. Raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society by doing a school wide fundraiser seemed impossible to me at first, but with hard work and finding people interested in the idea, it was possible. My leadership experience has made me beyond confident in my capabilities, and I believe that this confidence will allow me to explore, take risks in university, and make me the required leader to one-day change how surgeries are performed for
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