Career Internship At Jackson Hewitt

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I was so excited to get a call back from Jackson Hewitt about starting my part-time internship in the Spring with them. In order to graduate in December, I had to continue to take a full course load of classes this semester. Therefore, I was happy I could find something locally in Tuscaloosa so that I could take classes at the same time while working part-time. It was tough at first managing my five classes, work-study, and internship all in one semester but I managed to pull through it successfully. With that being said, my internship at Jackson Hewitt was a success and I learned many wonderful things that could potentially benefit my future career.
John Hewitt founded Jackson Hewitt in 1982. It is the second largest tax-preparation service in the United States. They are responsible for preparing over 2.5 million computerized federal, state, and local individual tax returns each year. The company operates more than 6800 franchises throughout the United States, including nearly 3000 located in Walmart stores. They are also known for offering free electronic filing, tax preparation training, and tax audit representation.
I submitted my resume through Crimson Careers for the internship in September 2015. I had gotten an email and call about coming to Jackson Hewitt’s open house if I was still interested. I attended the event, and the managers were demonstrating the things I would expect out of an internship with them. They explained the process of the internship and benefits I…
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