Career Intervention Program For High School Students

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Career Intervention Program As educators it is our responsibility is to offer students the capability to become educated, informed, and active students that are skilled in the many challenges of our society. By providing high school students with a program that encourages college and career readiness this can be accomplished. An overall comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program for high school students offers developmental opportunities and experiences that address three student-development areas: learning to live (personal/social), learning to learn (academic), and learning to work (career). This offers activities intended to address the needs of all students by helping them to gain competence in the knowledge of self and others, in their career development, and their educational goals.
Purpose of Career Intervention Program Building on the goals of the elementary and middle school, the guidance and counseling program in the high school assists students in becoming responsible adults who can develop realistic and fulfilling life plans based on clear understanding of themselves and their needs, interests, and skills. The individual graduations plan developed in the middle school moves with the students to the high school and is reviewed and updated annually in accordance with the students’ postsecondary educational and occupational goals. Continued attention is given to assisting students to develop competence in decision making, career development,
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