Career Investigation Assignment

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Running head: CAREER INVESTIGATION ASSIGNMENT Career Investigation Assignment: My Ideal Career Stephanie Culver Davenport University FRSM100 Career and Education Seminar Introduction My ideal career is in accounting. I have determined that this field is best suited for me through career assessment tests, learning styles assessments and by actually working in this field for several years. I have been interested in accounting since taking my first accounting class in high school. It was then that I found that not only was I good at bookkeeping but also enjoyed it. From my Learning Style Graph (Toft, 2006) I discovered that I equally reflect two learning styles: “Why? mode” and “What if? mode.” My knack…show more content…
In an entry level position at a public accounting firm the skill set I have already acquired will be very useful. My experience in bookkeeping as an accounting assistant at present will help prepare me for the data entry assignments usually associated with entry level positions. As my position progresses within the firm, I will be relying more on the knowledge I learn while earning my degree. One of the advantages to being a CPA within a large firm is that you have the opportunity to work in many areas of accounting for many varied company clients. This will give me a multifaceted experience level not easily obtained while working independently or for a smaller firm. I hope to have the opportunity to do some forensic accounting work where I would prove suspected embezzlement within a client’s company (S. Westfield, personal interview, August 1, 2008). Some of the most prevalent disadvantages to an occupation in this field are the hours necessary. As a CPA with a large accounting firm I would expect a typical work week of 40 to 50 hours. But, during the tax season, January through April, it could be as many as 70 hours per week (S. Westfield, personal interview, August 1, 2008). Since I have already been employed within the accounting industry for some time now, my family and I are used to the long hours and fluctuation during busy times. I am considering seeking employment opportunities at several local companies. One such company
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