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s prepared for Introduction to Sports Management, taught by Professor Dyer. Section 1: Personal Inventory 1.) I am a very nice, down to earth, humble kind of guy and I have ability to be a great leader and I lead by example. 3A.) Best Personal Accomplishments: 1.) Team Captain all fours years of my High School Varsity Tennis career and Captain my last two years on Varsity Football team. * Skills: Leader, reliable, respectful, determined, responsible, nice, great personality, extremely hard worker, always helping others to succeed, team player, never back down, always doing the extra thing to get ahead, and mental and emotional strength. 2.) State doubles champion my senior year and All-state first team honors. * Leader,…show more content…
I have used that philosophy my whole life and it has gotten me to great places and I have met great people by just acting the way my mom showed me to. She is the hardest worker I have ever come across, because she was a single mom with 3 kids and worked 3 different jobs just to support us and she always found a way to spend a lot of time with us. All 3 of her kids have received scholarships for tennis to 4-year universities and it is all thanks to her showing us how to work hard at whatever we do in life so that we can have everything we want. Gordon was also very influential on my life because he has been like a father to me ever since my father left us when we were younger and he has taught me to always work as hard as I can and it will all payout in the end. I learned to be so caring by being around him, because he always helps kids to succeed at whatever they do and he took my family and I into his home when we were younger and didn’t have a place to live and there are not a lot of people in this world who would do that for someone and it has showed me to always be caring and nice to others and help out in any way I can. Section 2: Sport Career Research * Ranks: 1.) Promotion 2.) Performance 3.) Production I was most fascinated with the Promotion aspect of the Sport Industry because it has all of the marketing aspects and has to do mostly with players and directly with teams. I have always wanted to be a sports agent ever since I was a
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