Career Jornal (Morgue Assistant and 911 operator and toxicologist

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Education and Training
There are no specific educational requirements to become a morgue assistant
Advised to obtain a high school diploma or GED
Focus on biology, math, computers and communications courses in high school
A part time job during high school in an office or health care setting will help in becoming familiar with the environment
Some may further advance in the career with an Associates degree
Classical Courses for Associates Degree:
Medical terminology
Working knowledge of computers
A higher degree with ample experience makes them more qualified
Assist the pathologist in autopsy process
Maintains and takes care of body
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Determine whether illegal substances such as excessive levels of drugs and alcohol were present during the time of the crime
Also study animals
Find hazardous substances in our water
Declare whether cosmetics or everyday substances are safe to use
Collect various samples
Prepare samples of harmful substances for testing and analysis
Dissect dead animals and examine organs for signs of toxic materials
Take tissue and blood samples from living animals for microscopic investigation
Conduct research to understand how toxins affect people and animals
Perform laboratory analysis on samples to observe cellular, biochemical and molecular responses to toxins
Determine safe-levels of contact

Daily Activities
Study of toxic materials and how they affect the environment, human and animal health and future technology
Conduct studies on food, air, water and soil to determine how they are altered when coming into contact with medicines, garden chemicals and industrial chemicals
Work in labs performing basic or applied research on toxic substances
Help enforce new laws enacted by the government about new chemicals and of their effects
Play important roles in teamwork of scientists
Collaborate with other technicians, scientists and peers when an experiment needs to be conducted quickly and completely.

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