Career Ladder Jobs And Delinquency

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Career Ladder Jobs and Delinquency There is a degree of descriptive and supporting information that is not included in this manuscript that would add to the clarity of the themes and topics being discussed therein. This lack of clarity about the topics discussed is compounded with non-technical language that does not add to the topics being addressed. Citations or paraphrasing of the work’s use of conceptualization, operationalization and measurement techniques are not used and would have further strengthened the manuscripts analysis and expanded on the research methods that were employed. Such additions would expand the use of the research terminology of “career ladder jobs”, and its anti-thesis “non-career” ladder jobs and how they were applied and adapted to the codding process when developing the research scale. In concerns to conceptualization the concepts at hand of “career ladder jobs”, “non-career ladder jobs”, the former is not expanded on or well defined while the latter is not present in discussion. The sections or disjointed and would be better combined into a single paragraph explaining the usage applied in this research with support from the text. While examples of both conceptualization and operationalization are mentioned in the manuscript they do not draw information from the text and it’s suggested, at least in the topics introduction, that they be separated to explain how they were employed in the research. An expansion and integration of the research’s
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