Career-Long Learning: Important For Social Workers During The 21st Century

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From my responses as a lifelong learner, I find more interest in impacting my knowledge when the opportunity is provided. I work towards developing myself the best way I can and avoid any situation that may hinder the progress I desire to accomplish. Moreover, I love to get feedback because it helps me improve my skills by allowing me to put in more effort in my knowledge gap, which will help for better understanding of how to address the issue properly. More so, the learning process helps me to overcome making such mistakes again.
Why might continuous, career-long learning be especially important for social workers during the 21st century?
Career-long learning is important for social workers due to the constant change in the society. The different technologies and new practice system on how to help clients is always developing different strategies that is why every social worker will have to be knowledgeable on how to handle issues in the professional social work practice, and prevent any form of ignorance as an excuse in resolving problems.
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To become more proficient in career-long learning is by participating in different seminars and workshops that will advance my intellect. These seminar or workshops will give me the opportunity to deliberate ideas with fellow professionals in the field and regular reading of journals related to my
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