Career Management : A Career And Managing Diversity

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On January 9, 2017, Barbara Ritson started the Career Management course, an elective, for her Human Resource Management degree. Thinking that this course was to engage how to provide career support to others, the course allowed Ritson to understand needs, wants, and desires with future employment opportunities. Career Management has provided insight into the changing landscape of careers through the study of careers, and further established a foundation of different career stages and contexts. Career Management has dispensed information about the career management model and how to apply the model to Ritson’s life. Additionally, the course bestowed how Ritson’s values and interest should align with the organization and occupation. The…show more content…
Along the way, gathering feedback from supervisors and mentors to access goal attainment. Understanding Career Management Knowing about career management is one thing, but understanding why career management is necessary is another. There are two reasons why career management is critical to both the individual and the organization. First, the individual can effectively manage their career (Greenhaus, Callanan, & Godshalk, 2010). Second, it provides the company information about “…career decisions and dilemmas that confront their employees” (Greenhaus, Callanan, & Godshalk, 2010 p. 13). Individual There are three main reasons that Ritson would find career management relevant. First, there are economic uncertainties (downsizing) since; a new president is leading the United States (Greenhaus, Callanan, & Godshalk, 2010). Secondly, technological advances provide additional opportunities or loss of a position. Lastly, the United States cultural environment is becoming increasingly diverse to include new legislation (Greenhaus, Callanan, & Godshalk, 2010). Moreover, employees have high expectations through interesting and meaningful employment (Greenhaus, Callanan, & Godshalk, 2010). Along with high expectations, employees and Ritson seek opportunities that have autonomy. The Aircraft Armament Systems Specialist was a male dominated career, Ritson is glad to see gender-role boundaries weakening.
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