Career Management Plan

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Running Head: CAREER MANAGEMENT PLAN InterClean Career Management Plan Christy Devore University of Phoenix InterClean Career Management Plan A career management plan is a plan that has been developed in order to help managers guide employees in a positive direction, which in turn helps employees to become successful. The plan here at InterClean includes setting goals, assessing those goals and devising plans to reach those goals. As the manager of this new team, the number one goal is to make sure that my employees know what is expected of them and then to facilitate performance. Expectations will be covered during orientation and training. As time goes by, the team will be assessed individually through performance appraisals…show more content…
We understand that each family is different and that they have their own individual needs. Diversity is extremely important within companies. Diversity among the workforce includes various races, genders, religion, age, career level, ect. The sales team, I manage includes all of the above listed areas of diversity. By managing a team that is well diversified, I have the opportunity to acquire various thoughts, ideas and views from a variety of backgrounds; whether they are based on years of experience, certain religious preferences or even gender preferences. Each individual needs will be met according; however, they will still interact and work together as a team, bringing forth valuable ideas and knowledge. Each member will be respected for who they are and what they believe in. As for the career levels, some of the employees have been with the company for many years and are in their late career, where others are still in early careers. Each member will be treated individually, although those in their early years will be provided with more knowledge and guidance. I will act as a trainer and role model and take on the responsibilities of coaching, esteem building and protecting for the early career level. For those in the mid level career, I will train them to help develop the younger employees; act as mentors. Since
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