Career Management : Skills And Skills

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Introduction In the following task, a skills audit has been introduced, highlighting current aptitudes and capabilities against professional standards. Moreover, advancement needs have been identified and the exercises required to meet them have been expressed with the audit. At long last, a duplicate of my CV has been displayed highlighting my improvement opportunities made evident from undertaking this unit. Skill Area Description of Specific Skill Evidence of skill How I’m doing Action Career management skills Taking on management course to enhance and develop my management/leadership capacities and skills. I have picked the field of studies I need to build up my career in as an establishment and I have additionally embraced…show more content…
I also have a decent attendance record all through my HNC and HND courses. In addition to that I am organised with my work and studies and I always tend to complete my assignments on time I am doing well with this part although there are certain things that can be enhanced, for example, proficiently dealing with my time and providing a sense of balance between my responsibilities and play time I am trying to improve how to manage my priorities by making sure I plan my time to complete my work and meet deadlines so that I would have free time to do my other social activities. These activities will allow me to engage with new people and improve my social and interpersonal skills. Communication and dissemination Having the capacity to pass on ideas and thoughts and also separating and examining data During my studies so far I have performed and undertook many debates and presentations which I allowed me to develop fair amount of capacities and abilities in my communication skills. Also being signed to many social clubs and activities I have gained and improved the way I communicate and connect with people. I am extremely confident about my communication skills however on occasions I get little nervous and straggle if I am talking about a subject that I’m not sure about. In order for me to enhance this in
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