Career Management in the 21st Century Essay

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The Necessity for Career Management in the 21st Century.

Many people determine "what they want to be when they grow up" just as soon as they are able to talk, but the truth is, by the time they graduate high school, they change your mind at least five times. When a person first enter high school, their teachers and guidance counselors should explain what classes need to be taken in order to enter college. By the time one reaches their senior year, their career path(s) and a career outline that supports the path should be determined. In addition, a realistic set of goals should be created. An individual should research the best school that meets their career choices, know what college classes must be taken, and lastly they
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These people can be the most reliable informants to a person because they either work in the company, so they can tell you of job openings as soon as they are informed or they know someone in the company who can assist with the job leads. Through them, it is easier to get notices of new job openings before they are publicized to the open market. These informants can also serve as good personal references for their resume and they can also be mentioned during the interview. Networking will help open doors for a person, but it’s their skills that will be judged.

Along with networking, there are other agencies that assist with job opportunities like: the state employment agencies, private employment agencies, the internet, recruiters, career centers, job fairs, etc. (Microsoft Money, page 5). Of them all headhunters, which are privately owned agencies, are the only agencies that operate for profit. All of the others are free to anyone. Every state has a non-profit public department of labor board that provides help to individuals who are in search of job opportunities. Public agencies get their job leads from the companies themselves to help the company to recruit qualified individuals for the job. When individuals go to these public agencies, their skills and experience are assessed and then the individual is referred to the company for an interview. The internet has become
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