Career Mode And Single Player

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The guitar was once considered a folk music instrument, but it now also qualifies as a videogame controller. Thanks to a collaborative effort from RedOctane, Harmonix and MTV Games, the genre of gigantic interactive controllers is no longer confined to dance pads, imitation firearms and the slightly disturbing chainsaw that now comes with Resident Evil 4. Guitar Hero ' for PlayStation 2 costs a mean $70, including all the essentials for videogame musicians: game guitar-shaped controller, instruction book and shoulder strap. The pieces can all be purchased separately, but the intrinsic flaw with the game is that none of the parts will function properly if used out of context of the others. The game itself offers straight-forward directives and single-minded progression. Like all games you must pick your character and difficulty level, revealing that a myriad of different songs and extra guitar-related pickings must be unlocked by mastering various degrees of button-mashing prowess. The player is then granted several options: tutorials, career mode and single player. Career mode is the only way to unlock any extras, meaning that any other fidgeting around will only make you so familiar with the same five songs that you won 't be able to stand hearing them on the radio every again. Game play consists mainly of watching colored land mine-style targets stream along the screen and hitting the indicated color keys as they reach their inevitable destination: the other side of

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