Career Objectives : Becoming A Veterinarian

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Career Objectives: Becoming a Veterinarian
The path to becoming a veterinarian may seem challenging and rightfully so! Most people studying to be a veterinarian will spend at least eight years in school from the time they graduate from high school until they graduate from vet school. Not only does becoming a veterinarian require a large time commitment but it also demands academic excellence. There are countless numbers of tests throughout vet school that lead up to the “final” licensure exam that officially licenses a student to graduate from the veterinary program and start work as a veterinarian. After seeing what all goes into becoming a veterinarian it is no wonder why it costs so much to bring a pet to a vet; some people are still paying off their loans from vet school when they are in their fifties! On top of all of this, if a vet wants to be a specialist they must complete residencies which last for at least three years.
While becoming a veterinarian may seem impossible, this author is going to become a veterinarian. Rowan College at Gloucester County has an articulation agreement with Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts. Several states have in-state veterinary schools that offer an increased acceptance rate and lower tuition to state residents. However, New Jersey does not have an in-state vet school so Ross is offering a similar program. With the program that Ross University has they hold several seats each semester for RCGC Equine Science…

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