Career Of A Real Estate Broker

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CAREER OF A REAL ESTATE BROKER Does a job advising others on one of the largest financial investments of their lifetime interest you? If so, working as a real estate agent/broker may be a profession to consider. A real estate broker’s primary responsibility is to facilitate the sale of property ethically and professionally. A real estate broker may also have agents working for them. When a broker is working directly with a buyer or seller, they have certain responsibilities to the client dependent of the type of agency relationship that was agreed upon. The broker acts as an intermediary in order to facilitate the successful closing of a real estate transaction. The broker markets properties for sale, locates properties for purchase, negotiates the selling/buying price, and organizes the steps necessary to successfully complete a real estate transaction. The broker is responsible for the activity of all agents that work for them. Supervision, training, record keeping of contracts, forms, and bookkeeping is a large part of the broker’s responsibility. A large portion of time spent for a broker that has agents reporting to him is mentoring. The largest strength of being a real estate broker or agent would be that rewards are in direct correlation with how much effort is put into this career. Having control over your own work schedule and future also ranks high on positives in this career. A third strength for this career would be the ability to sell anywhere in the state

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