Career Option: Counseling Psychologists

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Career Exploration I. Career Field/Occupation of Choice: Code 19-3031.03 - Counseling Psychologists. II. The nature of the work for this career Counseling Psychologists are primarily involved, as the job title implies, in providing counseling services to clients who are in need of it. Counseling Psychologists may work one-on-one with individuals, conduct group therapy sessions, or they may counsel families. The kinds of services provided are generally counseling clients to understand problems and related issues. Once these problems are identified, the Counseling Psychologist will help clients to address them by working with them to develop plans of action that are realistic, specific, and attainable. In order to begin the therapeutic relationship, Counseling Psychologists will need to learn as much as possible about the clients they will be treating. They do this in a variety of ways. Often they will collect information about the individuals, such as intake forms filled out by the patients. Psychologists will also make use of case files when available, and review the histories of the clients prior to beginning the therapeutic relationship. If social service agencies are involved, Psychologists will often work with them to learn about the clients' backgrounds and other relevant issues. When school-age children are involved, there may also be contact with teachers and school counselors as well. Psychologists will also meet with the clients on a regular basis for
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