Career Path Choice : Chief Executive Officer

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Career Path Choice: Chief Executive Officer There is a lot been spoken about C.E.O in the business world within the media releases and tabloids, and that is how many get to know this job as a prestigious status. The position that is credited for the laymen as a “win in the lottery” lifetime experience, is also “All fame and fortune” taboo. Those terms refer to the Chief Executive Officer, more known as C.E.O. Who are those prestigious managers, powerful businesspeople capable of fully managing small companies as well as big multinationals? What are its main competencies, duties, and responsibilities? What are the typical personality traits, core values, and skills set needed to be a Chief Executive Officer? What is the truth relying behind all the fame? Among all luxurious credit, very few seem to know what are the real duties and challenges of this job position. This report is intended to inform the audience about the nature of the job, the main duties of a CEO, and whether a license or a certificate is needed for a career success. The report will be divided in four categories: Introduction, description of the job, inside-job applications using two companies as reference, and finally a real and personal insight of the career by the opinion of a guest. Introduction A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest ranking executive in a company whose main responsibilities include developing and implementing high-level strategies, making major corporate decisions, managing the
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