Career Path In Nursing

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To volunteer with the University of California, Los Angeles Health Department would be an ideal setting given that this experience would allow for personal growth and advancement. Expanding my horizon wherever possible is the objective and that is apparent in continuing knowledge through college. However, there is not an importance on the location seeing that acquiring and developing practice as well as exposure has more importance. Regardless, if I am presented with an opportunity to explore my career path in a respected facility I will not pass up the occasion. The possibilities are endless in this world and I want to contribute to the goodness this world has to offer seeing that I am capable and I have the right tools to excel at any task assigned. Contributing back to the community through…show more content…
I am pursuing this opportunity not only for what can be put on a paper, but to create an awareness through subjection in the field. This is an optimal setting to get a grasp of what is entailed as a Registered Nurse which is crucial in determining whether to follow along in the career path intended. Becoming a Registered Nurse is the aim at the moment and I truly apprehend what is to come, but regardless of circumstances, I want to provide support to those in need of assistance. This world can be biased to the underprivileged as well as unfair, I want to be able to provide a service to those in despair to assist them in understanding that life continues despite unpleasant circumstances. Furthermore, this program would allow for further insight on what is required in the work environment desired. Without a doubt there will be stressful days and sleepless nights, but I am committed and dedicated to adhering to the program
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