Career Path : My Dental Aspirations And I Become A Dentist

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I still have a vivid memory of seeing my father grasping a side of his face in agony and crying in pain. We had tried everything for weeks to no avail. We ran to the hospital only to find out that the throbbing pain he had been experiencing and that had now become unbearable was actually a massive cyst. Fortunately for us, the oral surgeon who handled the care of my father was a graceful and compassionate individual. Throughout this experience, I was fortunate enough to witness how a caring professional can make the difference in a patient’s care. Those moments galvanized my dental aspirations and I considered dentistry as a prospective career path. I aspired to be a dentist to not only help others and attempt to alleviate their pain, but also to show them compassion and kindness at a vulnerable time in their life. I am very fortunate to come from a supportive and loving family of hard working individuals. My parents labored long hours to be able to provide rich, educational opportunities for their children. Although I am the first college graduate in my family, the value of education has always been highly regarded. The sacrifices that my parents have made to help me achieve my goals have instilled in me the motivation to give back to others. Of the many lessons I have learned in my life, none were more important than the lesson of self-sacrifice and helping others. This one lesson that has shaped who I am today was a simple statement by my dad: "You may have to sacrifice

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