Career Path Of Criminology

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A career path that I show interest in is with Criminology, something that deals with criminals and the things they do. Another Career Path that I show interesting is homicide detective, again I like stuff like that so I would really like to study that and practice it. Other than criminology I don’t think there is another career field or study that interests me. I did have an interest in the medical field, but again my attention always goes back to criminology.
The career field that I chose is Law-Criminology, within this field I have narrowed it down to two careers. Criminal Defense Attorney and Homicide Detective; These two careers falls under the career field that interests me the most. The first career is the Criminal Defense Attorney,
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When you choose to be a homicide detective you're choosing to interview possible suspects and witnesses go to the crime to scene to get forensic evidence to sople the crime. For your first step of becoming a homicide detective you must first become a police office for at least 3 years, which becoming a police officer requires a high school diploma. During those three years you need to be doing outstanding work and making sure your commanding officer can vouch for you when the time comes for a promotion in that department opens up. When the position o;pens up in the homicide detective part of the agency you’ll then first take a competitive exam. Once passing that you’ll get the choice to either become a commanding officer who controls other officers or become a homicide detective. Now that you have achieved the position you want you can start working up the ladder for you to become a higher rank as time goes on, but now that you're in the homicide part of the police agency getting higher ranks requires you to either get an associates degree or a bachelor's degree depending on what position you're looking at wanting to get. After going to school to get the [proper degree that is fit for the job you're applying for or are up to getting you will tha get the degre, get the job and then
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