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The Degree Path I am pursuing is a Doctorate of Education. My area of specialization is Higher Education Leadership and Management. The topic and educational issue that I am passionate about is career and college readiness. I want to be the apparatus that changes this situation for my students. Affording my students the opportunity to succeed is my personal goal. Professionally, the goal is to provide an organization with the expertise to assist colleagues and all stakeholders with the task of career and college preparation of students.
My professional goal is to fulfill my dream of becoming a college president at a Historically Black College or University (HBCU). To begin in goal planning, there are two strategies of importance. First,
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My passion runs deep for education. Currently as a principal, creating a culture of career and college ready students is a necessity for me. Preparing our youth to be studious, independent critical thinkers and resilient is a big task. Assessing areas of weakness then providing the right teacher, curriculum supplements, and a safe and conducive learning environment is a challenge in my school.
My wish list for my school would be to have the best teacher in every subject area. An abundance in funding to provide every students’ needs. An environment where the students can relax and feel safe so learning and growth can happen daily. Parental involvement at a maximum to assist with students’ growth and development. A community in which, everyone is supportive of the neighborhood high school. Every child is accountable, responsible and an active participant in their learning. Essentially, producing a well-rounded career and college ready student to compete in a global society.
What is a Doctorate of
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Right now, I can collaborate with my colleagues, students, parents and community to create a school culture and climate that will raise test scores and improve current curriculum. Addressing this issue of career and college readiness at least in my school first. Using scholarly articles, researching best practices and implementing change where needed and permissible. Social change can take place now. The sooner the better.
The Ed.D degree is aligned to my current profession. I can apply educational theory to the issues in secondary education as well. I am aspiring to enter into higher education. However, secondary education is the bridge into higher education.
In the Higher Education Case Study Document two, Prepare the American Workforce to Compete in the Global Economy, the challenge is American education is not producing qualified applicants for professional training. “There are 3.3 million job openings in the U.S., many going unfilled for months on end. The gap between employer needs and workforce skill is starkest in the critical areas of STEM education” (Walden, 2015). With this crisis in American education, there has to be a resolution and then a solution to thoroughly prepare our students to become career and college
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