Career Paths That I Have Interest Essay

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This paper will explore two career paths that I have interest in. The first is what is referred to as a Postsecondary teacher. A Postsecondary teacher is a teacher that is able to focus on a specific vocational subject, i.e. law Enforcement (Police Academy). This is an important factor in some types of careers, because no college course will give a person enough knowledge and understanding on how to be a successfully functioning Police Officer. The role of the Postsecondary Teacher in this career path is highly required for the success of the student, as there is no safety net when you leave the confines of the Academy Environment. The second career that will be covered is that of a Probation Officer. This job allows me to utilize a lot of skills I have already fine tuned over my lifetime. It requires that you are flexible and understanding. As a Probation Officer your purpose is to make the subject on Criminal Probation successful. This requires you to be a disciplinarian, mentor, counselor and resource outlet. Having the right attituded and skillset as a Probation Officer would allow me to have a high success rate, in my opinion.

I’m currently embarking on the career path of a Postsecondary teacher. This job allows me to utilize the skillset I have already gained from being a Police Officer. The job of a Postsecondary Teacher requires that I bring real life examples of topics into the classroom. This career interests me because of my prior career as a Police
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