Career Paths Within The Public Health Concentration

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In the beginning of the semester, taking the Observations of Health Agencies course was a bit hectic for me due to the scheduling. At first I had to find a balance between my hours, school and work but by the second placement, I began to manage all at once. The interesting part of taking this course, is that it helps you further understand that there are different career paths within the public health concentration. I’ve had the pleasure of having a satisfying placement, as well as a challenging one. Observing different facilities has given me knowledge on different aspects of patient care and health promotion. It has also steered my career goals into another direction than what I previously imagined myself doing. The experience I had with my second field placement was the most satisfying by far. Most of my time was spent with patients, which I loved so very much. It was satisfying to see that my volunteer time was effectively being utilized and I could help patients in their time of need. Like I’ve mentioned before, the area where I worked was post-op so all of the patients had undercome surgeries and weren’t in the best shape. They appreciated my helping hand and it was satisfying for me to be able to assist them in their stage of vulnerability. Incidentally, I believe that this course has slightly changed my career goals. To be honest, I still continue to feel a strong connection to dentistry and I would like to propose it, but I want to give myself some time before
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