Career Plan Building Activities

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Career Plan Building Activities Introduction The ability to gain a self-awareness of one's strengths and weaknesses is essential for personal growth to occur, both as a person and as a leader. Having a clear understanding of personal competencies is exceptionally valuable in becoming a more effective communicator, manager and leader in that it provides insight into how to better provide support and assistance to others as well. The intent of this analysis is to discuss the ways in which understanding personal competencies will help in becoming a better communicator and manager. An assessment of how my communication techniques can be changed to work more effectively with different function areas of the business is also discussed. In conclusion, a list of competencies I should specifically on to adapt communication techniques is also discussed. Analysis of Personal Competencies Having self-awareness of personal competencies can significantly increase the accuracy, clarity and precision of communication and increase the level of success with collaboration as well. Personal competencies and the broader base of self-awareness are essential for managers to become transformational leaders over time (Purvanova, Bono, 2009). Managing personal competencies to strengths by mitigating weaknesses through continued training and development can also lead to a more stable, consistent career plan over time as well (Gould, 1979). Finally, awareness of personal competencies can also

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