Career Plan Building Activity

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Finding the ideal work culture involves first having insight into one's own strengths and career plans and preferences, then continually looking for ways to develop and refine strategic and operational plans that lead to organizational goals being accomplished. This link of individual career strengths to an organizations' strategic and operational plans is the catalyst of career growth and organizational advancement (Rodrigues, Guest, Budjanovcanin, 2013). Knowing one's ideal work culture can also lead to greater insight in how to solve complex, challenging problems organizations face in the pursuit of their strategic and operations plans and goals. Doing this creates a solid foundation for the growth of a career, and it all starts with insights into the ideal work culture.
Work Culture Analysis As It Relates to SWOT
After having completed a work culture analysis and seen how the three strategic areas of a supportive culture, well-resourced organization, and high-powered organization are foundational requirements of my ideal culture, it is possible to complete a SWOT analysis. The competencies necessary for completing a thorough SWOT analysis from a work culture standpoint involve perceptive insight, analysis of how a given culture operates, and continual…

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