Career Plan Building Activity: Reasoning Aptitude

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Career Plan Building Activity: Reasoning Aptitude Introduction After competing the career planning activity for reasoning aptitude several key insights emerged into how I can excel both as an individual contributor and also as a key member of teams. The intent of this analysis is to assess my individual thinking style or thought process range, provide insights into how work is done in teams, and define areas of adjustment and improvement in my own teamwork style. Analysis of the Career Building Activity: Reasoning Aptitude After competing the career building activity I gained greater insights into my innate strengths and those areas I need to also improve on. One of the most prevalent strengths that emerged from the analysis is taking initiative. This is a trait common to leadership roles (Kirkpatrick, Locke, 1991) and is also considered essential for student achievement over the long-term (Miller, Rowan, 2006). Taking initiative combined with logical thinking, leading, cooperating, presenting and applying expertise all contribute to the final attribute of innovating. These competencies comprise the foundation of my individual thinking style and are the catalyst of my strengths. The strengths this assessment showed I have are following instructions, delivering results, organizing, goal focus and to a lesser extent adhering to values and adapting to change. Of these strengths or competencies the areas of goal focus, organizing and delivering results are what I
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