Career Plan For A Career Development

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There exists numerous peer reviewed studies, articles, and even books that serve as a tutorial in coaching and teaching people how to become and remain successful leaders. This is equate to putting the cart before the horse, as students need to first plan on having a successful career before planning on extending their vocation into a formal leadership role in their organization. Hansen and Tovar (2013) suggested that career development, and subsequently becoming a good leader, is a lifelong process that requires the motivation to continue to grow by taking a methodical approach into their daily study and work habits. Fortunately some modern academic institutions are projecting into the future in mandating their student’s curriculum to include career planning. For the vast majority of the population, their journey into academia is brief when compared to the length of their careers. This also applies to highly educated professionals such as doctors and lawyers. The CSU-Global campus offers a resource referred to as the Career Center.
CSU-Global Career Center CSU-Global offers an array of services within the Career Center in assisting undergraduate students preparing to enter the workforce, moving laterally into a more desirable organization, or even articles and tips on how to land a promotion. These resources will undoubtedly assist a large target audience of students in helping them to achieve their goals. There are five main modules which branch out into more…

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