Career Plan For A Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan The purpose of this professional development plan is to introduce my counselor identity, my plans for professional development, my clinical and academic training schedule and finally my plans for credentialing in the State of Maryland. I am currently seeking an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an anticipated graduation date of May, 2020. This professional development plan was written on September 27, 2017.
Counselor Identity Statement I accept those around me for who they are and the goals they are trying to obtain. I am committed to helping those seeking new patterns in their way of thinking. I will seek understanding and knowledge of the world around me and use my voice to help those
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Leadership opportunities in my local area would include organizing volunteer opportunities at the local shelter, VA center or in the school system. The economic climate of my community is poor, and any free benefits that can be provided are welcomed. In this semester, I have begun to study the ACA Code of Ethics; this will be an on-going process with an estimated accomplishment date before starting my first counseling practicum in Quarter 9 (Walden University, 2017).
Associations/Continuing Education Classes/Potential Struggles
Associations I plan to join would be the American Counseling Association, Licensed Clinical Professional Counseling of Maryland, and the American Mental Health Counselors Association. I plan to join these organizations after I complete Residency Number One. Continuing education opportunities I intend to engage in after graduation would include anything available in my tri-state area. I think any knowledge that I can obtain is beneficial to my counselor identity and worldview. A potential struggle that I will encounter over the course of my education and start of my career will be time management issues. My kids come first and foremost, and I do not want to miss any of their events. I believe with my educational demands and the possibility of working later evenings after starting my career could impact my availability to my children. This issue could affect my academic career by not being
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