Career Plan Paper

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The career I would like to pursue would to be a sports psychologist. I love learning about how the mind works, thinks, acts, and reacts. I am also in love with my athletics. I am very involved with people’s lives and if you were to combine all of them that would be the definition of a sports psychologist. Someone who is able to counsel athletes of all ages, working with those in high school, the collegiate level and even professionally. Being able to help athletes manage their lives, improve their sport performance, and overcome the mind is the sort of career I desire most. To walk with the athletes daily and watch them overcome their own mind and make big improvements would give some of the greatest joy know to me. In order for me to accomplish this goal, I will need to continue my degree by primarily receiving my BA in psychology. Currently, I am on track for doing so within the next three semesters. I am working on getting my G.P.A. over a 3.0. I have found that my high school district is one of the lowest rated districts in the nation and I did not learn any study habits during this time period. I have learned the hard way through college, teaching myself time-management, study habits that work for me, and testing habits that accommodate my learning disability. Pertaining to studying, I used to cram the night before and now I have learned if I review my notes right after the class, I retain so much more. After every class that I have a break, I try to at least reread
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