Career Planning At Arkansas State University

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As a junior Finance Major in college at Arkansas State University, it is important that I, along with other college students, begin to plan for a career after university. I feel like a quote I once read on a poster in teacher’s classroom in high school would go along perfectly with the topic of career planning. “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” By preparing for a career, this allows a student to really see what opportunities/jobs their degree can offer them. A college student should always know what job opportunities their major offers them along with knowing what career planning opportunities their college offers. Arkansas State University offers many career planning resources. These are great tools that I, along with any…show more content…
In order to do that, companies must really “grill” applicants during the interview process and this is rather nerve racking for a candidate and can cause even the best employees to stumble. Mock interviews provide students an opportunity to practice being “grilled” without a job being on the line. As the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” The interviews also help prepare the students as to how the process will advance and what questions to expect during an interview. Many times students go into an interview and are asked a question they have no idea how to answer such as “why should we give you the job” and then are left there fumbling out a semi-confident answer. Giving students an opportunity to rehearse/practice excellent answers, mock interviews increase the likely hood of doing well during an actual interview. One last career planning resource is ASU’s career fair. This is a great tool that needs to be used by all students well before and right before graduation. Students can attend and this gives them a great opportunity to connect with prospective employers early on. There are employers from everywhere that attend the ASU career fair. If a student really connects with and impresses a recruiter, this may land them a job well ahead of graduation, and there is not much better than knowing one does not have to search for a job after graduation. The career fair may provide students with potential job
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