Career Planning : My Career

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Career Planning Essay I would actually have to say my career is less of one that I picked out and more of one that has evolved. I have changed careers five times, due to no choice of my own but rather the economy. I had quit my job, and been a stay at home mom for about six years, and returning to work at Montessori School, where I could get free tuition in exchange for working a half day. It felt good, to see the kids excited about learning. I actually did not think much about the job being a career choice, as it would never pay the bills. I had been in printing, and did some freelance work from home, and just figured I would return down that career path. I had friend though who encouraged me to come to work with her, at Delta Airlines when our daughter stated school. For the next six weeks, I was in class and learning their computer ticketing systems. It was challenging and exciting for me, as I had not needed to study for many years. I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment, and felt the need to do well and prove that I can learn it all, so that meant I actually had to study. Every week between test scores, and attendance there were a few less, but I was one that survived, and within two years I was promoted to Passenger Service Agent, coordinating the boarding of aircrafts at three gates. I had to opportunity to work with a lot of the new hires, as they came out of class and assisted them with the transition from classroom knowledge to the real world. I understood their
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