Career Practices : Recruiting New Employees

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HR Best Practices

HR best practice #1: Recruiting new employees. Recruiting new employees is probably what most people think that HR management job entails when they hear the word Human Resources. It is a very important part of the job, but truly only the beginning. It is important to recruit employees on many different platforms, such as; Newspapers, Flyers or Internet. When recruiting the HR mangers needs to make sure they are clear in their job descriptions so the right candidates for the job apply. It is also helpful to recruit from within the company so employees feel like they are working towards something.
HR best practice#2: Interviewing and hiring employees. After the recruitment process is finished applicants are then asked in some cases to take a personality test. A personality test is important because it can sometimes weed out the candidates not right for the job quicker. After the personality test the most important part of the hiring process, to me, is interviewing. The interview process give the HR manager a chance to meet one on one with each applicant and see how well they do under pressure and also see if they are the right fit for the position they are applying for. Once the interviewing process is over the HR manager gets to hire the most eligible applicants.
HR best practice #3: Making employees feel welcome. It is important for employees to feel comfortable in the work environment. This is especially true for new hires. The HR person needs to…
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