Career Profile Of The Transition From School

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“The transition from school to work can be challenging for students. It is our job to help you identify your goal, acquire job searching skills and get prepare for the outside world.” ---- Janice Tester (Career advisor, McGill University) Janice Tester has been working as a Career Advisor for McGill Career planning Service Office (CaPS) for over 17 years. In 2014, I started to serve as a peer educator in CaPS office and Janice became my supervisor since then. Despite the fact that we worked closely together in the past two years, I never get a chance to know her accomplishments in the job and how she perceive her work. This became my initial motivation to interview her. Another reason is that, given the importance of career advising service in McGill, its performance is difficult to evaluate. A throughout analysis on this position can be helpful for its performance improvement. Several expectations for this position were developed during my working in CaPS. Firstly, I expected career advisors to be business-orientated, with backgrounds in human resource management. Secondly, since their works involve mostly one-on-one consulting with students, interactions with colleagues are limited and unnecessary. Thirdly, I expected that, career advisors enjoy a high level of initiative. Instead of taking commands directly from their supervisor, they have the

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