Career Profile of a Private Investigator

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A private investigator is a person who can be hired by a person or company to carry out investigative law services. Private investigators usually work for attorneys in civil cases. Many work for insurance companies to investigate doubtful claims. Before the introduction of no-fault divorce, many private investigators were hired to search out evidence of adultery or other misconduct in a marriage on worthy grounds for a divorce. Even though this is not a legal necessity anymore, according to reports collecting evidence of adultery by significant others are still one of the most profitable actions investigators take on. The early history of criminology is also largely a history of people taking matters into their own hands. The public was distrustful of uniformed police officers. Very quickly, hard-working citizens seized the opportunity to provide services that police were too busy to provide. Many of these services were led by former police detectives and were sometimes viewed as direct competitors with regular law enforcement. However, their services were still used. Today, private investigators are much different from their fictional depictions. They are, however, essential for the services they provide, from fighting fraud, to finding missing people and detecting crimes. Private detectives work in diverse environments for many types of clients. Individual investigators typically have a specific field such as a forensic computer investigator or a forensic accountant, or
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