Career Report - Pharmacist and Physician Essay

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Career Report - Pharmacist and Physician Over the past few weeks I have been researching my interests, values, and goals. Throughout this research a lot of things that were already evident to me, were proven for a fact. My interests included researching different aspects of science and data analysis. Analysis has always been a big part of my life because I analyze everything. My values have been proven to be centered toward helping people and being around people. These interests and values are almost equivalent with what my goals in life have been over the past years. For the past few years I have wanted to become some type of pharmacist or physician. In this paper, I have researched what being a pharmacist and physician …show more content…
They counsel patients on the use of medication, upon a patients release from the hospital. Retail pharmacists help answer questions about over the counter and prescription drugs. They must ask patients certain health questions in order to make a judgment on which medications to prescribe. Some pharmacists specialize in drugs for psychiatric disorders or intravenous nutrition.

There is an extensive amount of training one must go through in order to become a pharmacist. One or two years of pre-pharmacy with credits in math, chemistry, biology, physics, humanities, and social sciences are required. A minimum of five years is required to graduate from a program qualified by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education. If pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree it could take six or seven years. After graduating most pharmacists go on to do residencies or fellowships. Residencies are an organized, post graduation-training program. Fellowships are directed, individualized programs, which help prepare participants for lab work. Some students go on to advance in the field and be an intern or pharmacy assistant, pharmacy manager, or possibly the owner of a pharmacy.

Pharmacists have a lot of qualifications they must meet in order to obtain a job. Many hospitals require a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. A Bachelors Degree is accepted for
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