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Avery Daffer 11/01/2016 Career Research Assignment The Career I chose to research a career in Health Psychology, focusing somewhat on clinical work. I chose this career path in particular because of my major and emphasis in Health Psychology; I wanted to know what the opportunities, benefits, and requirements were for pursuing this specific field within psychology. I was made aware of this option as a major emphasis during my first semester at BYU-Idaho, and I knew at that point that I wanted to go on to doctoral studies and possibly medical school, so I switched from a General Psychology emphasis to Health Psychology. I also wanted to know if there were specializations under Health Psychology that would fit with my personal interest in addiction recovery. Job Description/Duties A health psychologist synthesizes behavioral, emotional, cognitive, social and biological aspects of health in assisting to treat illness and facilitate recovery in order to achieve three basic outcomes: to promote overall health and maintain that health, to prevent, treat or rehabilitate illness or disease and to improve the healthcare system. Simply put, a health psychologist focuses on the overall wellness of the patient or client, and promotes change within the healthcare system to better facilitate that wellness, depending on whether the health psychologist decides to take a more clinical or administrative role. It is where emotional and mental health meets physical health. Health
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